Blue and Gold Macaw Personality

This blog post looks at the blue and gold macaw personality. The blue and gold macaw is bright with a sweet disposition, social and intelligent, making them a great companion.

The macaw is inquisitive, just like the cat, and with a bubbly personality like dogs. They are also good talkers, so you are guaranteed no dull moment! The macaw has a strong will to learn, and when allowed to socialize with others, it adapts fast. Macaws have a soft and loving heart and could share precious moments with you. A gentle kiss from a macaw can melt the hardest of hearts! Macaws are not polygamous; they are faithful to their marital vows, if any. Macaws are playful but screech loudly when disturbed. They equally enjoy the company of others. 

During mating season, the macaw isn’t so friendly; they tend to be aggressive. Although, experts say that they are even-tempered when compared to other birds. 

Blue and gold macaw personality
The blue and gold macaw is inquisitive, just like the cat, and has a bubbly personality just like dogs

Is the Blue and Gold macaw Personality right for you and your family?

Are you wondering if the blue and gold macaw makes a good pet? Yes, they do! The macaw is an excellent family bird that will interact with the entire family. They are highly sociable and enjoy interacting with people, cuddling or laying on your arms, but this will be dependent on how it was raised or trained. If you are ready to spend a lot of time working on the bird, you will enjoy the outcome because the macaw is one of the easiest to train among other birds. They are witty but sometimes aggressive. They are also sensitive and won’t be lively if they are not accepted as a whole family member. 

The macaw requires ample space for conducive living. A space of a minimum of 50 feet is recommended; you should make this available before acquiring the pet. You can get a birdcage of 4 feet deep, 2.5 feet wide, and 5 feet tall for a small bird. Note that a strong material is needed to curb pecking on the cage. Another preventive measure is to offer toys made of wood to the macaw so your valuables and the cage could be spared. Your blue and gold macaw can engage in feather plucking and loud screaming if it’s not given enough attention and out-of-cage time. This should be provided adequately. 

When these are implemented, your home is conducive to receiving the macaw. But we hope you are prepared for loud, ear-piercing screams which cannot be ceased nor stopped by you unless the birds choose to! You might also want to consider the noise before getting a macaw, especially if you have a neighbour.

The blue and gold macaw requires a large space for conducive living


In this blog post, we have established that the blue and gold macaw’s personality is sweet, bubbly and intelligent, and thus, the bird makes for an excellent family pet. If you decide to adopt one of these gorgeous birds, I recommend reading the next post. The following article will examine the training tips for a blue and gold macaw in Nigeria.

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