Chow Chow Colours, Tongue and Litter Size

This blog post will briefly examine the different chow chow colours, life expectancy, ideal weight, and the chow’s tongue.

Size, Litter Size, And Life Expectancy of The Chow chow

According to World Life Expectancy, Chow chow can live for 9 – 15 years. A mature male and female chow can weigh 18 – 41 kg and 16 – 39 kg, respectively. Chow chow can grow to 17 – 22 inches in height and can produce a litter size of 4-7 in a lifetime. 

Colours of the Chow chow

Chow chow colours are commonly solid red, blue, black, cinnamon, and cream. It can also come in grey, white (rarely), or tan. Chow’s can have lighter or darker shades.

Chow chow temperament
A chow chow blue-black tongue

Chow chow Coat Types

Chow chow has two coat types which are either rough and long or short and smooth, but both coat types come with a dense undercoat. The rough coat usually makes chow look like a fuzzy teddy bear because of its straight and off-standing coat. Chow chow has thick fur around its neck, which gives it a distinctive mane. 

The Chow’s tongue

Chow chow’s tongue is a uniquely coloured one among other breeds of dog. As puppies, their tongues are coloured pink, and as they grow older, it becomes much darker. A full-grown chow will have a blue-black or purple tongue. The gene for this trait seems dominant because most mixed-breed dogs having a parent that’s a Chow chow usually retains this colouration. To buy a chow chow in Nigeria, order here.

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