Chow chow Grooming Tips

When performing chow chow grooming, it is important to note that the chow chow has two coats, and each has an undercoat.

If your Chow chow is roughly coated, it’s best to practice daily grooming to keep the hair from tangling. Do well to pay special attention to the facial folds and the eyes because they can retain dirt. Smooth-coated chow will need less attention; grooming done once or twice weekly is fine.

Chow chow temperament and socialization tips
When grooming a chow, it’s important to check for parasites.

When grooming, it’s important to properly check for any parasite living on your dog. These could be ticks and fleas. As a responsible owner, you should give your dog urgent care. It would be best if you didn’t leave the nails out of the grooming routine. A thorough hair drying after a bath is equally important. A cool air dryer is ideal.

Chows will heavily shed their furs during spring and autumn. More attention is needed at this time, and daily grooming becomes a must. It is important to have the right tool to reduce hair shedding and facilitate proper grooming. You can check for dog accessories on pet classified site

With chows, the following tools are recommended for grooming; a medium-coarse brush (for the large area), a pin brush (to maintain hair length), a cool air dryer, a slick brush (for smaller areas), and a spray conditioner (to avoid breakage).

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