Chow Chow Puppy Price in Nigeria

Chow chow puppy price in Nigeria depends on many factors like the puppy’s age, how it was raised (see buying tips for chow chows below), and sellers’ preference.

Generally, a pedigree chow chow puppy price in Nigeria will cost you between N300 000 – R400,000. 

Chow Chow for Sale in Nigeria

There are many places you can buy Chow chow in Nigeria, especially if you are keen on ease of purchase, assurance of quality, and quick collection and or delivery. Jiji and Olyx are some of the most popular classified websites to purchase a chow, but you may not be able to guarantee the pedigree of the puppy in most cases.

Alternatively, we can help you buy a pedigree chow chow puppy that suits and matches you and your family’s needs. Drop us a message from our order form with a comprehensive specification of your ideal chow chow, and we will go all out to get you the best.

Buy a Chow chow in Nigeria
Generally, a pedigree chow chow puppy price in Nigeria will cost you between N300 000 – R400,000

Tips For Buying A Chow Chow in Nigeria

  • First, it is essential to read up on the Chow Chow’s History and Breed Standards before settling for a chow. It is strongly advised that you pay a visit to kennels and, if possible, attend different shows to see what lines of chows appeal to you. Do not be engrossed with physical appearance. Read up on health issues related to the breed.
  • Ensure to make findings on the breeder and the reviews about them. This should be a pointer for you to know whether the breeder is a responsible breeder who tests the chows for any inherited health challenges. 
  • If the breeder affirms in the positive to have tested the chows, ask the following questions: …which health problems were they tested for? How were they tested? …and who did the testing? 
  • Ask for vaccination certificates and test results. Do well to visit the veterinarian who is in care of the chows for further probing or questions you may have.
  • Be an informed buyer! Be careful of buying cheap puppies or unregistered puppies. The saying that “you get what you pay for” also applies here. This is because most cheap puppies are not properly raised or cared for, which may give you a headache later on. 
  • If the seller is a registered breeder who has no health certification on the chows and will not offer you post-sale support, he or she shouldn’t charge the same price has one who will. 
  • The puppy’s appearance is important. It should be clean, eyes alert, free of any discharges, and the mouth clean. The puppy should be active, playful, and full of excitement, but this is dependent on the time of day. Chows are usually dull and sleepy in the noontime. At three months old, the Chow Chow’s ears should be up. Don’t overlook this.
  • Ensure the coat hasn’t tangled and that it’s well-groomed and free of parasites, skin infection, or injuries. The puppy must not have any difficulty in moving, sitting, or rising. The hind legs must also be straight. 
  • The puppy should have been vaccinated and dewormed at 6 weeks by a veterinarian. It’s best to buy a puppy at about 7-12 weeks old. For easy bonding with the new owner, buying a chow chow at 8 – 10 weeks old is best. 

Chow Chow Breeding Tips

The Chow chow is not a modern breed, but its breeding is straightforward due to its record for being healthy. As a breeder, it should be your goal to produce healthy and sound dogs. Therefore, you must focus on how to rid your animals of every common disease known to them. In this case, Chow chow is known for having problems with the eyes. Another common illness is with their hips which is called Hip dysplasia. It becomes important to carry out health screening and genetic testing to produce healthy chow chow puppies.

Keep sufficient record on your dog, such as all known health issues, litter size, temperament, and also the parent’s history. 

Registration organizations for Chow Chow in South Africa

  • Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA): Through the KUSA Accredited Breeder Scheme, it has laid down structures to breed healthy puppies. KUSA is focused mainly on the registration and organization of breeders for responsible breeding of purebred dogs. KUSA gives its breeders sets of instructions that breeders must follow, which gives a buyer assurance of quality.
  • The South African Dog Breeders Association (SADBA): This organisation works independently to register pedigree dogs. A Code of Ethics governs SADBA, and it is open and friendly to all breeders. 
  • South African Canine Breed Registry (SACBR): This registry records all ancestry and offspring of purebred dogs. Breeders registered with SACBR are made to follow the rules laid down. The parents of your dog must be registered with SACBR before you can register the puppy. 
  • CanineSA: registers all breeds of thoroughbred dogs in South Africa. It focuses on delivering quality, affordable and respectable registry services.
  • National Dog Breeders Council of South Africa (NDBC): This organization registers various dog breeds but mainly registers pit bulls. If you are looking to register a crossbreed, NDBC isn’t for you!
If you are looking to buy a chow chow in Nigeria, or any other type of dog breed or other pets such as birds or cats, visit our pet shop to place instant order.
If you are looking to buy a chow chow in Nigeria, or any other type of dog breed or other pets such as birds or cats, visit our pet shop to place instant order.

Adopting A Chow Chow?

There are Chow chow adoption homes. However, adopting a dog will require you to note the following:

  • Self-examination: it is of utmost importance that you interrogate yourself whether you have enough time to cater for, play with, groom, and walk your dog. 
  • Adoption is not free: Be prepared to pay for medical fees covering vaccinations, deworming, and dipping. This guarantees you of getting a healthy dog. 
  • Puppy litter is not assured: Most Shelter dogs are usually sterilized since litters aren’t a factor.
  • They are tracked: Each animal is given a form of identification in either a microchip administered into the skin or an ID disc inserted in the collar for easy tracking. 
  • Choose the right shelter: You should never rush the process of adoption. Check the rehoming agency or shelter website and read through their rules, policies, and adoption process. Determine if it’s the right one for you and also how easy or rigorous it is. You can also search online for specific breed shelters. After selecting the shelter you want, contact them, and take a view of the dogs available. Remember, do not rush the process. You can visit the shelter a few more times before settling for a puppy.

Final Notes On Chow Chow In Nigeria

Even though the chow chow arrived in South Africa about 100 years ago and found its way to Nigeria, it has established its footprints as one of the most loved and cherished family pets. This article has highlighted the history, temperament, and socialization tips for raising a well-behaved and socially responsible chow chow. With the above information in this article, I hope you now have a substantial grasp of the chow chow in Nigeria.

If you are looking to buy a chow chow or any other type of dog breed or other pets, such as birds or cats, visit our pet shop to place an instant order for one. You can also visit for pet listings, including chow chow puppies for sale in Nigeria. Please share your thoughts below in the comment section for comments, inquiries, or your experience with chow chows.

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