Cockatiel Parrots in Nigeria: About, Facts And Diet

This blog post will look at cockatiel parrots in Nigeria. The cockatiel is the smallest parrot in the cockatoo family.

Brief History of Cockatiels

Cockatiels are a popular pet bird native to the semi-arid region of Australia. The cockatiel is also known as weiro birds or quarrion. In the wild, they like open environments to dense forests, just like most other parrots. Cockatiels are nomadic in nature, which means that they move from place to place, searching for food. They are also social birds and will often fly in large flocks.

Cockatiels have long tail feathers that differentiate them from their cockatoo relatives. The Cockatiels have a crest that looks like a Mohawk haircut and facial feathers covering the side of their beak. Cockatiels have vibrant colours. In the wild, cockatiels have a grey body and yellow face with orange markings on their face. However, you may see cockatiels in several other colours in the market due to breeding and mutation. Some of the cockatiel’s common colours are albino, lutino, pied, pearl, cinnamon, or silver. 

The cockatiel was first discovered in 1770 but did not become popular as a pet bird until the 1900s.

The cockatiel was first discovered in 1770 but did not become popular as a pet bird until the 1900s. Since then, it has become popular because of its small size and friendliness and its ability to imitate human speeches and common sounds. Johann Georg Wagler moved the bird to its genus in 1832 and named it Nymphicus hollandicus. The genus name Nymphicus is from the deity, Nymph of Greek mythology, to signify its beauty. The other name, hollandicus, is from New Holland, which is a historical name of Australia. 

Quick facts about cockatiel

  • The cockatiel is in the same family as the cockatoo. The cockatoos are large species of parrot, while cockatiels are very small. An adult cockatiel may look like a baby cockatoo. 
  • Cockatiels are next to the budgerigars in popularity as pet birds. 
  • Cockatiels can imitate human speech or even melodies. They can even do so without being taught. However, it is best always to teach your birds to talk. 
  • Your cockatiels can become depressed if left alone. A lonely cockatiel can become angry, refuse food, and pull out its feathers.
  • Male cockatiels are better talkers than females. In the wild, the male needs to talk more to impress the female.  
  • Cockatiel males are good fathers. In the wild, they are ready to fight larger birds to death to protect their young ones. 
Your cockatiel can become depressed if left alone. A lonely cockatiel can become angry, refuse food, and pull out its feathers.
  • You can differentiate a male from a female using their colours. Although male and female cockatiels look alike when they are small, their colours become different after their first moulting, which is about 6 to 9 months after they are hatched. 
  • They are grey, but the females have yellow dots under their wings and yellow stripes under their tail feathers with dull orange patches on their face. The male loses the yellow colours under their wings and tail feathers after moulting, and the patch on their face and their yellow crest become brighter. 
  • You can understand the current state of your cockatiel from its Mohawk crest. Excited cockatiels have an erect crest, while cockatiels in the relaxed state have a slanting crest. Angry cockatiel’s crest becomes flatten or close to the head, while a tired cockatiel has a crest that is positioned halfway upward and the top of the crest curling upwards. 

Diet For Cockatiel Parrots in Nigeria

Now that you know some interesting things about cockatiels, the next thing you need to know before bringing cockatiels home is their diet. Good diet and nutrition are important to their health as well as their growth. 

The common food of the cockatiels in the wild are seeds from grasses and edible parts of some plants, such as the roots and blossoms. Cockatiels will also feed on different vegetables and fruits in the wild. Therefore, seeds are one of the common foods for cockatiels. However, seeds are high in fat and should not be more than 30% of their diet. 

Vegetables and fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals for your bird. They will readily accept vegetables and fruits since it is part of their natural food in the wild. You can give some vegetables and fruits, including carrots, broccoli, cooked sweet potato, pears, cherries, and mangoes. While you may be excited to give them vegetables and fruits, there are certain foods you should avoid, such as chocolate, avocado, garlic, onions, and mushrooms. 

Specialized pelleted feed that is formulated for Cockatiels are best.

The best food for your cockatiel is any specialized pelleted feed that is formulated for them. They are nutritionally balanced and best for optimum growth and good health. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours to make them attractive for the bird. This should make about 60% to 80% of their diet. There are different commercial brands available, and you should get them in your local pet store.

You may be wondering if your cockatiel will take the same food that you eat. Your cockatiel will take the same food that you eat, but you should only give them occasionally and in small quantities. It would be best if you feed them multiple times up to three times a day. Bear in mind that cockatiels are messy eaters, and they love throwing food around before eating it. And finally, make sure to provide your cockatiel with clean water at all times. To buy cockatiel parrots in Nigeria or specialized cockatiel food, visit our shop.

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