Cockatiel Parrot’s Temperament & Lifespan

This article will explore the Cockatiel parrot’s temperament, life expectancy and look at factors to consider if the cockatiel is right for you and your family.

Personality/Temperament of the cockatiel

One of the reasons why cockatiels are popular is their unique temperament. They are very social and interactive and like to be held. They will be excited when they see you around. They are smart and intelligent and can learn how to imitate words and other household sounds.
The females are “shy”, and you may see them acting more reserved than the male. The male cockatiels are more expressive, and they whistle more often, especially when they catch their reflection in a mirror. The females will avoid possible threats because they are not aggressive. Generally, all cockatiel are social, and they do better when they are kept in pairs or their owners interact with them daily. 

Cockatiels parrots in Nigeria
Cockatiels are popular because of their unique temperament which is considered to be social and interactive.

Is the cockatiel right for you and your family?

If you are thinking of adding a cockatiel to your family as a pet bird, there are some things you need to know whether it is right for you or not. Cockatiels make wonderful pets, and they interact with humans very well. Therefore, bringing them home means that you will have not just another pet but also a friend. However, the cockatiel may not be for everyone.

The first thing you have to consider before bringing a cockatiel into your home is whether you have enough space to accommodate it. Their cage needs to be big enough for them to have enough space to fly. You have to keep their cage in a spot where your cockatiel would interact with others because they are very social.

The next thing you should consider is whether you will have time for your bird. They need attention, so you must put that into consideration before bringing one home. You would need to feed them every day, change their water every day, and talk to them as often as possible. If you are ready to go through all these, then be ready to bring home your pet bird.

Cockatiel parrots in Nigeria
Generally, all cockatiel are social, and they do better when they are kept in pairs

There are things you may not like about cockatiels, but you must decide whether you want to keep them anyway. They are messy eaters, and that means you will have to clean their cage regularly. Cockatiels do experience nightmares, and it is not uncommon to find your bird startled awake at night panicking and screaming. You should consider bringing home a cockatiel if you have a place for your bird to stay, and you are willing to spend a few minutes every day interacting with it. They make a good pet and a great companion.

Life span and life expectancy

If you have a cockatiel, you could expect it to be with you for a while. They have a long life expectancy, and they may live up to twenty years or more. Your winged cockatiel friend may live up to 30 years in rare cases, but the life expectancy under good condition is 20 years. 
Sickness, disease, and poor management are some of the risk factors that can increase the chance that your bird would die. Therefore, if you want to have your bird with you for a long time, you have to take proper care of it. 

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