Davido’s Dog: What You Should Know About The Frenchies

The Nigerian multi-award winning artiste, Davido, popularly called OBO, bought a pet dog in early 2020. The “1 milli” crooner took to social media to announce the purchase of his new pet, a French Bulldog, likewise unveiling its social media page.

This news is not surprising to see as many celebrities are known to own pets, especially dogs, and few also open a social media account for their pets. Davido’s dog is dark-coloured and named “30 the Frenchy” by Davido. The dog seems a bit pricey for many of his fans, and it raised a lot of talks, opinions, suggestions, and more talks. Being the chairman of the 30BG, 2 million Naira isn’t pricey to him, or is it?

Davido's dog Instagram account name is "30thefrenchy"
Davido’s dog Instagram account name is “30thefrenchy

 It is interesting to know that the dog is a member of the 30BG. This was revealed by the name of the dog “30 the Frenchy” and through a post on the dog’s Instagram page revealing Davido as its father. The Instagram page for Davido’s dog is “30thefrenchy” and goes by the tag that says, ” I don’t speak French, but I’m cuter & richer than you, so it evens out”. The Instagram account gained over 2,000 followers in less than 24hours of the announcement, and it’s currently at about 6,000 followers.

Davido’s Dog: The French Bulldog Breed in Nigeria

French bulldog symbolizes luxury for the rich in Nigeria. This is a result of the high cost of buying a pup. The French Bulldog is, in essence, one of the most expensive dogs in Nigeria today. However, in respect to the characteristics of the Frenchie, it is a companion dog, backed up by a long history of the dog accompanying English lacemakers to France to acquire “Frenchie” monikers. The French Bulldog is generally an affectionate dog and is quite easy to handle.

French bulldogs are small in size, alert, playful, adaptable, and are quite popular among city dwellers. They do not bark unnecessarily but are quite alert, and they serve as an excellent watchdog. Whether you live alone or with neighbours, have a large family, or living with your spouse only, the French bulldog adapts perfectly to any household setting. 

Davido's dog, '30thefrenchy' Instagram account tagline reads, " I don’t speak French, but I’m cuter & richer than you, so it evens out".
’30thefrenchy’ Instagram account tagline reads, ” I don’t speak French, but I’m cuter & richer than you, so it evens out”.

Unlike some breeds of dogs, the French bulldog permits you to have other pets without causing any harm to them. They relate well with other animals and humans. Being a companion dog makes them require a lot of close contact or touch from their owners and may have separation anxiety if left unattended for long. French bulldogs are known for being loving, friendly, loyal, and an attention seeker.

The French bulldogs are also called the  “frog dog” or a “Clown dog. These names were derived from the shape of their face and their cheerful outlook, respectively. It is important to note that French bulldogs are not great at swimming, so do well to keep them away from the swimming pool or a large water body that could drown them.

Like many dog breeds, they need to be properly trained, but this time, they need to be trained to be less talkative, stubborn, and possessive of their owners. This breed of dogs isn’t the most intelligent, so a lot of time and patience are required to train them properly. Generally, Frenchie, as they are fondly called, are soft, easy-going, loyal attention-seeking but comical dogs. If companionship is your aim for owning a pet, then the French bulldog is the right breed for you, and Pet Lovers Nigeria can help you source and deliver a French Bulldog puppy of your choice. Click here to place an order for one today.

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