Pugs For Sale In Nigeria & Buying Tips

In this blog post titled pugs for sale in Nigeria, we will look at tips to consider before buying a pug, where to buy a pug and the price range for pugs in Nigeria.

We shall also look at the pug’s lifespan, the South African pedigree organizations to which the pug may belong, and a few pug adoption tips.

Pugs in Nigeria

Buying Tips For Pugs For Sale in Nigeria

Whether you are buying a pug online or in a pet shop, you should always be sure that;

  • The pug you want to buy is ideal for your family
  • The pug is disease-free
  • It is bred under required laws 
  • You have the required knowledge to groom your pug properly.
  • You have adequate resources to care for a pug.

Price Range for Imported Pug Puppy For Sale in Nigeria

The price for a pug in Nigeria varies depending on whether the pug is registered with an overseas kennel registry organization or not. This is according to a Nigerian pet classified listing website Buypets.com.ng. Before the devaluation of the Naira, imported pugs in Nigeria usually cost between the range of ₦300 000 – ₦350 000. This is excluding the Nigerian customs and quarantine clearing fees at the Lagos International airport. This extra surcharge is around +- ₦50 000 per dog.

Imported pugs for sale in Nigeria cost between the range of ₦300, 000 - ₦400, 000.
Imported pugs for sale in Nigeria usually cost between the range of ₦300, 000 – ₦400, 000.

Imported Pugs For Sale In Nigeria May Belong To These South African Pedigree Registration Organizations

Pugs in Nigeria that were imported from South Africa may come with pedigree registrations. In South Africa, a pug registration must go through a recognized breed registry. You may be required to accent certain conditions depending on the registering organization. Some of South Africa’s canine registration organizations include;

  • South African Canine Breed Registry (SACBR)
  • The Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA)
  • National Dog Breeders Council of South Africa (NDBC)
  • SA Dog Breeders Association 
  • CanineSA
  • Other breed-specific registries

Pug Adoption tips

To adopt a pug from a canine shelter, bear in mind the following tips;

  • Be sure that the pug is the ideal breed for you and your family.
  • Fill an adoption form at the shelter. This will depend on where you want to adopt.
  • In some instances, the pug adoption centre may visit and inspect your home.
  • If your home is approved as suitable for the pug, you will get to meet the pug of your choice.
  • You will then sign an adoption contract, and the pug becomes yours.
  • Finally, the shelter will carry out a post-adoption home inspection to ascertain the comfort of the pug.

The Pug’s Life Expectancy

The pug’s average life expectancy ranges from 12 to 15 years. A male pug can live for an average of 12.8 years, while the female Pugs exceeds this range a bit with an average life expectancy of 13.2 years.

The pug's average life expectancy ranges from 12 to 15 years
The pug’s average life expectancy ranges from 12 to 15 years

This statistics proves that most pugs are more likely to succumb to the lower end of the 12 to 15 years life expectancy.

Colours That Pugs Come In

Generally, pugs come in different colours. The fawn and black pugs are the two most popular colours. Other colours that the pug comes in are silver and apricot; though rare, they are still recognized as pug colours. The brindle pug also exists, but it is subject to debate. Moreover, certain pug coat colours might be more common, but generally, the following descriptions below highlights the types of coat that pugs come in;

Fawn pugs

The fawn pug is the most common coat colour for pugs. They are light in colour with a yellow-tanned coat. The fawn pug has the following colour variants;

Apricot Fawn Pug

Apricot Fawn Pugs are deeper tanned and look almost golden or orange in complexion.

Silver Fawn Pug

Silver fawn pugs are rare. They wear the appearance of a greyish-white colour. Because they are rare, only a few people own the silver fawn Pug. Fawn pugs carry a “black mask”, which makes them look like a dog wearing a superhero mask!

The fawn pug is the most common coat colour for pugs

Black Pugs

The black pug’s coat shines like jet black, with some having white markings on their chest.  Black pugs usually show grey hair characteristics more often than other pugs when they begin to age.

The black pug’s pigmentation was in the past considered to be a sign of congenital disability. But they are unique, and their dark shining coat brings out their uniqueness in the crowd.  People’s perception about the black nature of the black pug been a congenital disability changed when Queen Elizabeth owned and bred black pugs. If you want to stand out in a crowd, you should consider the black pug. Because they are unique in appearance doesn’t mean they are rare, as some breeders may try to make you believe. They are as common as fawn pugs.

Brindle Pugs

The brindle pugs are a combination of light and dark coat colours, which usually appear greyish-black. Some people believe that the brindle pug is not a pure breed and that it came due to two different breeds cross-breeding! Brindles are quite rare too, and you’ll need to look vigorously to find one.

Pug Coat Types

The pug has a double coat even though their coats are short in size. The fawn pug, for instance, comes in apricot colour or sometimes in silver. Their muzzle, nevertheless, is black, short, and flat. When it comes to smoothness, a pug’s coat is smooth despite its shortness, but they shed a lot during summer, especially.

Conclusion on Pugs for sale in Nigeria

The pug is remarkable for its outstanding appearance and unique personality. Its characteristic makes it an ideal pet for you and your family, given that it loves companionship and seeks attention. Owning one, therefore, may appear easy, but pugs come with their challenges, and learning some essential care tips as highlighted above will help you overcome those challenges.

If you need a pug in Nigeria in whatever colour variation of your choice, we can source and ship pugs for you from South Africa to any corner of any Nigerian city. You can place an order from our pug shop. Meanwhile, we would love to read your experiences with pugs in the comment section below.

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