Get Security Dogs in Nigeria, Don’t Hire A Gateman!

The deployment of security dogs in Nigeria is now one of the most reliable alternatives for personal and business safety. This is because insecurity in Nigeria has been on the rise for a while, and it doesn’t look like things will get better soon. With this current low level of national security, it is important to pay extra attention to your home and business safety.

Over the years, in Nigeria, the use of a gateman popularly called “mai-guard” is prevalent among families looking for an extra layer of safety. But as moral standards declined, honesty died with it, and the safety of families are now threatened, should one take the risk of hiring a gateman. A more efficient and affordable alternative is to get security dogs in Nigeria. And there’s no denying the fact that dogs are quick to alert one of strange faces or activities, especially when you choose the right breed of dog well known for its protective abilities.

Get security dogs in Nigeria instead of hiring a gateman/mai-guard
Get security dogs in Nigeria instead of hiring a gateman/mai-guard

Unconvinced? Or are you finding it difficult to believe that getting the right security dogs in Nigeria will benefit you more than hiring a gateman? In this article, I have listed a few points for you to bear in mind. First, it is important to note that there are little or almost zero background information checks about many so-called gatemen in Nigeria. The sourcing for a gateman is usually done randomly within the neighbourhood. This in itself is a breach of safety. Employing an unverified man to secure your house based on “he looks innocent” or “he was referred by another gateman” is very risky. Your inability to find any proof or record of who the gateman is or isn’t should be enough reason to deter you from hiring one. You could be hiring a potential rapist, a terrorist, or even a hardened criminal. Don’t do that!

Benefits of Having Security Dogs in Nigeria

Whether you are at home or away, security dogs on guard will secure your space from burglars and invaders. These dogs are known to bark until property owners are alerted and there is an intervention. Below are some of the benefits of security dogs in Nigeria:


Dogs are selfless protectors and defenders because dogs are loyal. In terrible situations of danger or possibly death, your dog will rather put itself in harm’s way than to see its owner harmed.  Unlike humans, whose loyalty can be bought, dogs are very loyal to their providers and will go to any length to protect them. 

 A warning signal

The sight of gate signs such as “beware of dogs” or a dog house is capable of making a potential burglar retract his or her step even without the dog barking or attacking. These things send warning signals to invaders that this will not be an easy task should they attempt to rob a property.

An effective weapon

In cases where a burglar attempts to escape, your security dogs can chase and catch the criminals. The dog’s claws and teeth are effective weapons until a rescue team, or the police arrive. 

Recognizes different sounds

Security dogs can recognize sounds which security systems like the camera or door sensor can’t pick up or only picked up after the invader has crossed the line. But a dog will bark immediately it senses a stranger from a wide radius away. Glass shattering or a jump over the fence are sounds that your dog is capable of hearing as he has an acute sense of hearing.

Cost of service

You will only need to feed and cater for their general wellbeing with little to no additional cost. This is cheaper than paying salaries and feeding the gateman (mai-guard) and his family members.


Your security dogs will never divulge your information or gossip about you to others! You can guarantee that whatever happens in your home stays in your home. A security dog can never be compromised by anyone or be bribed.

List of Best Security Dogs in Nigeria

Below is a list of some of the most reliable security dogs in Nigeria for homes and business premises:

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are highly efficient security dogs in Nigeria. The GSD have zero tolerance for strangers or intruders but are very loyal to their owners. This breed is well known for loud barks even with the owner being around; as far as there’s a stranger with you, the barking continues. German Shepherds have a strong sense of smell. They are very intelligent and also have great stamina. The German Shepherd is one of the best security dog breeds you can get from Pet Lovers Nigeria. Click here to place an order.

German Shepherds are highly efficient security dogs in n Nigeria
German Shepherds are highly efficient security dogs in Nigeria


Rottweilers are quick learners, headstrong, and overly protective of their owner’s property. They require regular exercise, adequate training, and care. The training of Rottweilers is essential because they, by nature, are stubborn. Pet Lovers Nigeria recommends the Rottweiller as one of the best security dogs in Nigeria.

Rottweilers are quick learners, headstrong, and overly protective of their owner's propert
Rottweilers are quick learners, headstrong, and overly protective of their owner’s property

Doberman Pinscher

The Dobermann is sharp, energetic, sensitive, intelligent and responsive by nature. Additionally, they are alert, very loyal, fearless, and sometimes referred to as a police dog because they are fast enough to launch an attack on burglars or invaders once it senses danger. They often don’t bark without a need for it. Dobermanns are also territorial, mounting full security to the environment they live in. This is a brilliant breed of dog that you will enjoy all the security benefits it gives you. Need any help regarding buying a dobermann puppy? Click here to place an order for one now.

The Doberman is alert, loyal, fearless, and very protective
The Doberman is alert, loyal, fearless, and very protective

The South African Boerboel

This breed was Originally being used on the farms to protect the farmers against wild animals until recent times when it became an option for securing homes against theft. Boerboels are intimidating, powerful, and aggressive towards an unknown person. It has great strength and stamina. It’s one of the best security dogs we can recommend to you. Petlovers can assist you with buying SABBS registered Boerboels from South African boerboel breeders, and also help you with the subsequent transportation to Nigeria.

South African boer boels in Nigeria
South African boer boels in Nigeri


This is one of the best security dogs you can get in Nigeria. They are highly suspicious of strange faces and can be violent to intruders. They have very loud barking that can scare strangers away and also alert the neighbourhood of suspicious movements. Their loud bark is always followed by aggressive jaw movements which shows their readiness to pounce and attack invaders.

Chow Chow

This breed of security dog is highly loved by the owners for being an attentive listener but aggressive attacker to intruders. The chow chow is a no-nonsense breed of dog but with a stable temperament.

Chow chow temperament and socialization tips

Final Word

Without any doubt, dogs act as effective security against criminals and invaders of home by their loud barks, aggressive and intimidating looks, ability to outrun humans, plus the companionship they offer the owners. All these are done at an affordable price with no likelihood of your private information being compromised or your keys being duplicated or given to thieves by a gate man.

Security dogs in Nigeria

This goes to show how effective security dogs are, over gatemen (mai-guards) in Nigeria and if you are still worried about how to source for the right dogs, care and train them, remember that petlovers is a click away from you.

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