Budgie Pair (x2)


The Budgie Pair otherwise called the Budgerigar parakeet sold on our online shop are 100% pedigree.

Important Information:

  • This Budgie pair consists of 1 male budgie and 1 female budgie.
  • The Budgie pair you receive may differ in colour to the ones shown here.
  • We have budgie cages that you can buy for your new budgie pair.


Budgies are very popular since they are small, colorful and friendly. Budgerigars are one of the most popular parrots that are kept as pets. Budgies are easy to tame, inexpensive, come in a variety of colors including yellow, blue/grey, green/blue and white. Budgerigars are also known as common pet parakeet or shell parakeet. Budgie is an English word for budgerigar .

Budgies have natural habitats in scrub lands throughout Australia so they can feed themselves with grass seeds and other vegetation. Budgies migrated from Australia to many countries due to their popularity worldwide as pets especially in Nigeria where there is abundant warmth and vegetation similar to their natural habitat. Budgies can be found in many colors such as yellow, blue and white Budgies.

Budgies learn to talk or mimic human words and sounds by copying what we say. Budgies usually mimic sounds of the radio or television and their favorite words include ‘pretty birdie’, ‘good girl’ and ‘step up’. Budgies also like to whistle songs they’ve heard on the radio.

Budgies are active pets who love attention from people so you do not have to worry about Budgies being lonely as long as they get lots of interaction with their owners. Budgies are very intelligent birds who love to play on swings, see-saws and rolling balls.

Budgies are small parrots that require special care which includes providing Budgies with chew toys so they do not chew on electrical wires or furniture. Budgies can be taught to go in a cage on their own if you want more independence from them since Budgies enjoy human interaction. Nigerian Budgies are more affectionate than Australian Budgerigars due to the abundance of warmth and vegetation in Nigeria. Please check here for more articles on Budgies, especially how to care for them in Nigeria. Thank you for reading and please share!

Additional information

Full name



18 cm


30 – 40 g

Life Span

10 – 15 years


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