Gouldian finches


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  • This is a Gouldian finches single order that comes with 1 Gouldian finch.
  • We have Gouldian finches cages that you can buy for your new finch.


About Gouldian finches

Gouldian finches are an Australian species. They are found in the wild only in Australia’s Top End. These gorgeous finches were first exported to Canada and Europe before finally being imported into the United States at least by 1933 The Gouldian finch is recognized by its bright yellow head, black back, wings and tail feathers, redbelly, brown eyes and dark grey feet. The Gouldians have a life span of 8-12 years Gouldian finches feed on seeds , grasses, fruits vegetables , insects , even lizards . Their ability to survive harsh conditions has made it popular as a caged bird for over 80 years Gouldians lay 4 – 5 eggs that hatch in about 20 days. Gouldians become sexually mature in about one year. Gouldians will breed in captivity Gouldians are descendants of the original wild type Gouldian finches found in Australia. Gouldians can be bred in captivity and they reproduce rapidly and thrive well when given proper care. Gouldians have always been popular among Australian hobbyists. Gouldia’s were the third most commonly kept bird by Australians.

Gouldians eat a variety of seeds and soft foods. Gouldians will nest in a wide variety of artificial and natural cavities, including clay flowerpots and bamboo canes. Gouldians lay four to five white eggs. Gouldian males and females look alike. Gouldians like other Australian Grassfinches, have distinctive markings on their wings. Wendell Levi was one of the first people who started breeding Gouldian’s outside of Australia. It was Levis intention to provide those interested with as much information as he could find. Gouldians are the only species that Wendell Levi ever kept. Gouldians can be raised in any non-freezing area. Gouldians eat many different types of food. They need space and like other grass finches, they like open spaces. Gouldian finch breeding season is year round. Gouldians begin mating at 10 months old. Gouldia’s usually mate with one partner. Gouldian finches reproduce rapidly.

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5 to 9 years


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