Quaker Parakeet


Our Quaker parakeets are 100% healthy and happy birds. 

Important Information:

  • This is a Quaker parakeet single order that comes with one bird.
  • We also have Quaker parakeet cages that you can buy for your new pet bird.
  • Buy a pair of Quaker parakeets for N1,200,000.


Introducing the Quaker parakeet, a vibrant and captivating addition to any avian enthusiast’s collection in Nigeria. This green and white beauty brings a touch of nature’s serenity right into your home.

Our Quaker parakeets are known for their striking colours, with their vibrant plumage standing out against the natural setting of the tree branch they perch on in the image. Their peaceful demeanour is evident as they comfortably sit in the middle of the branch, their head turned to the side, taking in their surroundings.

With its lively personality and sociable nature, a Quaker parakeet makes a wonderful companion. They are intelligent and can be trained to mimic human speech, adding a delightful touch to your daily routine. With proper care and attention, these parakeets can bring joy and life to your home for many years.

Bring a slice of nature’s beauty indoors with our Quaker parakeets. Order yours today and experience the joy they bring firsthand.

Additional information

Full name

The Sun Conure (Aratinga solstitialis)


30 cm


100 – 120 g

Life Span

15 to 30 years


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