Rosella Parrot


Our Rosella Parrots are 100% healthy and happy birds. 

Important Information:

  • This is a Rosella single order that comes with 1 bird.
  • We have Rosella cages that you can buy for your new pet bird.
  • Buy a pair of Rosella parrots for N450,000


Rosellas  are one of over sixty different species of parrots  that are native to Australia. Rosellas are medium sized cockatoos, ranging from 30-45 centimeters in length, and weighing between 80-100 grams. Rosellas can live up to fifteen years in captivity. Rosellas are very social birds that enjoy the company of other Rosella’s; Rosellas usually act aggressively towards individuals they do not know if they are placed with them by humans, but acts docile around those who they recognize as their owners. Rosella’s eat seeds, fruit, berries and insects, which they can find on ground or trees within Australian forests where Rosellas reside.

The Rosella is a brightly colored parrot that is highly sought after as a pet due to their friendly demeanor and bright colors. Rosellas occur naturally in the forests of Australia, but Rosella populations have been introduced to many other countries due to their popularity as pets. Rosellas are usually kept in aviaries with other Rosellas so they do not feel lonely or bored; it is common for Rosella owners to take their Rosellas out of the cage and allow them to fly around or sit on their shoulder. Rosella’s can be taught how to talk, whistle songs, and even mimic human noises such as a ringing phone or a door bell.

Additional information

Full name



Ranging in size from 26–37 cm (10–141⁄2 in), rosellas are medium-sized parrots with long tails.


100 g

Life Span

These parrots can live for over 20 years


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