Golden Retriever


Our Golden Retrievers are 100% pedigree and imported from South Africa.

You will be receiving a Golden Retriever that is:

  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Vet checked (Vet card included)

Please note:

  • The price includes international shipping from South Africa to Nigeria (Lagos Airport) and Nigerian customs and quarantine clearing fees
  • The price indicated is for a puppy.
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The Golden Retriever is a retriever type dog, originally from Scotland. Golden Retrievers are the same breed as Labrador Retrievers and have been used for hunting, tracking and retrieving of prey. Golden retrievers get their name from their distinctive golden-coloured coats which help camouflage themselves while swimming in search of birds to retrieve to hunters. Golden Retriever puppies cost approximately N550,000 Naira each at this time (2021).

Information about Golden Retrievers in Nigeria

Golden Retrievers have only recently been registered in Nigeria since 2012 by the Nigerian Canine Club [NCC]. Golden retrievers were imported into Nigeria just a few years ago by a few individuals who got them from Europe, South Africa or America. According to Dr Sam Bassey, Golden Retrievers are an emerging breed in Nigeria. There is a Golden Retriever Club starting to be formed under the patronage of the Veterinary Council of Nigeria. Golden Retrievers have been imported into Nigeria for breeding purposes and as pets. Golden retrievers are known by Nigerians as “yellow dogs” since they look like Labradors but with lighter coats that are yellowish-golden instead of dark brown or black labrador colouring. Golden retriever puppies were given away free at selected locations just recently (2017) by their owners who had decided not to keep them because of lack of space or difficulty transporting them around due to heavy traffic jams during peak hours in most towns and cities where owning a dog was already frowned upon.

Golden retriever owners are mostly people who prefer pets that can help them herd their cattle or farms since they are large dogs with many desirable traits of bravery, calmness and patience but with an intimidatingly large size. Golden retrievers were initially called ‘Labrador retrievers’ at first by Nigerians who could not differentiate between the two breeds until Golden Retrievers received their own breed name later on after their distinct coat colours differentiated them from Labradors. Golden Retrievers are only used as pets in Nigeria currently without any recorded usage of Golden retrievers for hunting purposes yet, although it is expected to be popular once Golden Retriever training becomes more widespread across Nigeria.