American Pit Bull Terrier


Our American Pit Bull Terrier are 100% pedigree and imported from South Africa.

You will be receiving a Pitbull that is:

  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Vet checked (Vet card included)

Please note:

  • The price includes international shipping from South Africa to Nigeria (Lagos Airport) and Nigerian customs and quarantine clearing fees
  • The price indicated is for a puppy.
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Pitbull is a medium-sized muscular dog breed which originated in the United States of America. Pitbull, as it is commonly known as, was bred from the Bloodhound and an English Bulldog to serve as a guard dog. It can weigh from 1 to 100 pounds depending on its build and also come in wide variety of coat colors. Pitbulls are very strong animals with powerful jaws capable of crushing bones and their height ranges from 18 inches to 2 feet. Pitbulls have been used to attack humans by criminals due to their high aggression levels, making them deadly if not tamed carefully.

Pitbull first became popular after World War I where US Army soldiers brought these dogs back home from Europe as souvenirs before Pitbulls became illegal to own in some US states. Pitbull later on gained more popularity through American media like movies and television shows before it became popular in the African continent where Pitbull was initially banned by most countries due to its high level of aggression. Pitbull breed has also been used as a symbol by America’s gangsters over time, making Americans view Pitbull very negatively which further led to their ban on Pitbulls across the country.

The Pitbull is an extremely controversial dog breed. Of the many breeds of dogs, none are more maligned than Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls have been bred for over 100 years in America to be family pets and protectors. Pit Bull attacks are not just a problem in the United States, they are also a serious problem in Nigeria , with only about 45% of homes having some form of pet in Nigeria .

Pitbulls have earned their reputation unfairly in my opinion, mostly by being the target of vandals and irresponsible owners who let them run loose on city streets. Pit bulls were originally bred for blood sports including bull baiting and pit fighting. This does not mean that all Pit bulls were vicious killers any more than owning a Dachshund means that you are a ferocious badger hunter. Pit bulls were bred to fight with tenacity and courage, but any Pit Bull off the street today has been bred from generations of family dogs most likely with no bull baiting or fighting in their bloodlines.