Rottweiler (KUSA)


Our Rottweilers are 100% pedigree and imported from South Africa.

You will be receiving a Rottweiler that is:

  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Vet checked (Vet card included)

Please note:

  • The price includes international shipping from South Africa to Nigeria (Lagos Airport) and Nigerian customs and quarantine clearing fees
  • The price indicated is for a puppy.
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The Rottweiler breed is a German breed of domestic dog, renowned for its strength. Rottweilers are massive and powerful dogs, breeds of their type are often used as guard dogs or police dogs. Rottweilers are also very loyal to their families and can make good pets if properly trained; they get along well with children for example. Rottweilers were brought into Nigeria by the British colonial authorities in the late 19th century, presumably from other African countries where they had been appreciated as farm dogs.

In those days there was no strict breeding programme behind them and Rottweilers were allowed to breed freely with local breeds such as Kuchi Hounds , Shar Pei s and even Inuits Dogs .

Rottweiler Puppy Price in Nigeria

In recent years Rottweilers have become extremely popular as pets, and the Rottweiler population in Nigeria has grown rapidly. Pedigree Rottweiler puppies can be bought in Nigeria for as much as N350,000 today. Rottweilers are now one of the most commonly kept dogs by affluent Nigerians, who often regard them as status symbols.

At present there is no breed standard or breeding programme for Rottweilers in Nigeria and all Rottweilers are bred from inexact stock; only later generations will show whether this interbreeding has had a negative effect on Rotti health and temperament at large. Overall however Rotties enjoy good reputation among Nigerian pet owners, many people claim they make very loyal and family pets (though stressing that Rottweilers are not for everyone). Rotti puppies are especially popular.

Rottweilers have recently become subject to increasing interest among township dwellers in Nigeria, as farm dogs. Rotties have the reputation of being hardy and tough enough to put up with all kinds of harsh treatment, including loosing watertightness in rainforest climate. Rotties usually live until they are 12 or 13 years old. Rottweiler breeds are very powerful dogs, at least compared to local Nigerian dogs, this means that Rotti pet owners should be prepared to handle their pets firmly and consistently early on in life if they do not wish their Rots to run wild later on. Actually Rots will try to take over the home if they realise that they can get away with it: Rots like to be in charge and Rottweilers show very high energy levels and a strong sense of dominance. Rottweilers will always try to dominate their owners; this makes Rots unsuited for inexperienced or weak-willed owners, who may otherwise believe Rotties make good family pets .


Beside these general charecteristics Rots are extremely patient, kind and affectionate dogs (if socialised at an early age), they crave human attention and affection very much. Rotties are also natural guard dogs, even if not purposely trained for this role, Rots will bark at strangers – especially when guarding their home territory. However because of the tough temperament Rottweilers are not widely accepted as house pets for the average Nigerian. Rottweilers need very strong leadership and firm discipline. Rots can be extremely hard to train, they will try to dominate their owners if allowed to do so undisturbed. Rots also don’t like being left alone for long periods of time, though Rotties make excellent working dogs and Rots from good breedlines tend to be more stable in character than less selectively bred Rottweilers .

In Nigeria Rottweiler pups are often bought at a very young age (6-12 weeks) from unregulated backyard breeders , many pups suffer from malnutrition problems during this period. Rotti breeders claim that most sickly pups die within weeks after buying Rottweiler pups in Nigeria, including Rots sold at upscale pet shops . Rots are often smuggled into Nigeria by unscrupulous breeders who import Rotti pups with fake documents (or no documents at all). According to one reputable German Rottweiler breeder , about 90% of Rotties for sale in Nigeria come from either the Cotonou region of Benin, Ghana or Cote d’Ivoire – both being countries well known for having large numbers of backyard breeders.

In Nigeria, AKC registered Rottweilers have been imported from Germany and America. The Nigerian Rottweiler Club is a member of the World Rotti Federation and has a network of local Rotti breeders. Rottweilers are dog breeds with extremely high energy levels and Rotties require a lot of exercise , Rots also need mental stimulation on a daily basis – Rottweilers that are not kept occupied may become destructive .

Rotti puppies must be handled very firmly but gently from an early age onwards or they will grow up to become large and very powerful dogs, Rots should always be socialised at an early age (with children and other animals) and obedience trained by an experienced Rotti trainer; Rotties can then learn to accept authority from their owners. Rottweiler breeders in Nigeria claim that Rottweilers living under the constant influence of human leadership make excellent pets for responsible people who can offer Rots a stimulating “job” on a daily basis. Rotti breeders in Nigeria also claim that Rottweilers are more people-friendly than Rottweilers living in dog kennels or Rots who never meet with children.

Only responsible Rottie owners should contemplate buying Rottweiler puppies, Rotti pups are not the appropriate pet for first-time dog owners, Rotties require firm but caring owners who can enforce their leadership over the Rots at all times. A Rotti puppy bought from reputable breeders will be less expensive than importing an adult Rottie from America or Western Europe – which is often how Nigerian Rotti owners acquire new pets .

Obtaining legal documentation of your imported Rottweiler pup is a complex process taking several months, Rottweiler breeders in Nigeria claim that Rotti pups for sale are often weaned from their mothers before they can be registered with the ANKC. Rots will only trust their owners and may snap at strangers or suspicious people. Rotties kept as pets must always wear a muzzle when out of their yard.