Saint Bernard (St. Bernard)


Our St. Bernard puppies are 100% pedigree and imported from South Africa.

You will be receiving a St. Bernard puppy that is:

  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Dewormed
  • Vet checked (Vet card included)

Please note:

  • The price includes international shipping from South Africa to Nigeria (Lagos Airport) and Nigerian customs and quarantine clearing fees
  • The price indicated is for a puppy.
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Saint Bernard is a dog that originated in the Western Alps. They are named for St. Bernard Hospice, which was founded by monks in the 12th century to aid travelers crossing the treacherous glaciers of the Great St. Bernard Pass. The monks brought along their dogs, who acted as guides and rescue animals.

The breed has long been known for its loyalty and intelligence, as well as its friendly nature and desire to help people in need. According to stories from this time period, Saint Bernards were trained to sniff out people buried under avalanches or snowstorms, then dig them out with their paws or claws until they could be rescued by their human companions.

Saint Bernards are massive dogs, with males weighing over 150 pounds on average and females around 100 pounds. They have thick coats that can be white or brown with black markings between their eyes but no mask across their face like many other breeds do; some also have red markings on their chest or legs instead of black ones too! Their coat is soft and thick enough to keep them warm during cold weather conditions like snowstorms or blizzards anytime throughout most winters across Europe where they originated from here too!

The Saint Bernard is a breed of very large dog originally from the Swiss Alps. It is known for its loyalty and bravery. The breed’s name is derived from the hospice of St. Bernard Pass, where the monks raised these dogs to assist with rescues.

Saint Bernards are often used as search and rescue dogs because they have an excellent sense of smell, are easy to train, and are gentle with children and people in need of assistance. They can be trained to perform many different tasks, such as pulling sleds, carrying equipment or luggage (for example to and from ski lodges), and assisting police in finding lost people or evidence at crime scenes.

Saint Bernards are also used as guard dogs or police dogs because they are protective of their owners and their territory but generally not aggressive toward other animals or humans unless provoked or attacked first.

Additional information


Male: 70–90 cm, Female: 65–80 cm


Males: 64 – 82 kg, Females 54 – 64 kg


The Saint Bernard or St. Bernard is a breed of very large working dog from the Western Alps in Italy and Switzerland. They were originally bred for rescue work by the hospice of the Great St Bernard Pass on the Italian-Swiss border