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Maine Coon kittens are beautiful, fluffy, and full of personality. You can see their inner beauty when they’re just a few weeks old—these kittens are already starting to develop the features that make them so endearing.

Maine Coon kittens are very social and playful creatures, which means they’ll want to interact with you right away. They’re also very curious and intelligent, so you’ll have plenty of fun watching them explore their surroundings and try new things!

If you’ve never experienced Maine Coon kittens before, now is the perfect time to do so. Find out why so many people love these felines by visiting here.


Maine Coon cats are the result of a cross between a domestic cat and an American wild cat. An exact history is not known but many people believe Maine Coons to be the ancestors of Norway’s skogkatt. Maine coons, also known as Maine Cat, Maine Shoe Cat or Maine Spook, are large-breed cats that look like bobcats with long fur. The Maine Coon has been recognized by all North American registries since the mid-1960s.

The Maine Coon was first seen in 19th century New England where it became popular among sea captains who brought them home from their voyages. These cats were bred to become pets and/or work animals on farms and Maine Coons were frequently seen on Maine farms as mousers. Maine Coons were first brought into England in the 1880s but they did not fare well there, probably due to the climate.

Today, Maine coon is found all over the world, especially in Europe and North America. Maine coons are one of the most popular cats because of their appearance and quite easy maintenance.

Maine Coon is described as a large breed cat with long fur. Maine Coon Cat has strong bones, muscles, and tail length that can be equal to its body length which makes it look like a bobcat with a bushy raccoon-like tail where it originated in the New England state called Maine (Maine is also called ‘Pine Tree State). Maine Coon Cat has a sturdy body and is also called Maine Shoe Cat because of its raccoon-like fur. Maine Coon Cats have the ability to understand what their owner says and this breed is intelligent, friendly, curious and loyal to their family. Maine coons are very good mousers that’s why they were once the pet of Maine farmers.


Maine Coon cats are recognized by all North American registries including TICA (The International Cat Association). The Maine Coon cat was first brought into England in 1880s but it did not fare well there probably due to the climate. Nowadays, Maine coon cats are found all over the world especially in Europe and North America with New England state as the origin of Maine Coon cats. Maine coons are one of the most popular breeds and they are intelligent, easy to maintain and friendly.


The Maine Coon cat is tall and muscular with a rectangular body shape which is longer than it’s tall across the shoulders . Maine coons have broad chests , stocky bodies, bushy tails that can be as long as their body length . Maine Coon Cats fur – soft and dense with undercoat that insulates them from extreme weather conditions such as hot or cold temperatures . Long silky fur is common for Maine Coons during winter season but some Maine Coons may have short or medium-long coats during summer months .

Maine Coon Cat eyes – big, round, wide set, bright and expressive. Maine Coon Cats can have different eye colors but most Maine Coons have green eyes that changes into gold or copper-red hues during summer months .

Maine Coon Cat ears – medium to large , wide at base, slightly rounded tips , broad at the base . Maine Coon breed has well developed senses of hearing and vision due to its unique ear shape. Maine coons can hear very low frequency sounds ( even ultrasonic – above 20kHz)and they also like to observe their surroundings with both eyes and ears by moving their heads from side to side .

Maine Coon Cat hind legs are longer than front legs which makes Maine Coon Cat walk in a diagonal pattern similar to that of Maine Coon Cats native cousin the bobcat . Maine coons also has a very flexible spine that helps them twist their whole body to reach places that are difficult for other cats to get to.

Coat – Maine Coon Cat is double-coated- longer guard hairs over shorter dense undercoat which insulates Maine Coons from cold weather or hot weather. Maine Coons shed year round and they blow their coat twice a year ( usually spring and fall seasons ) where they lose lots of hair for about 3 weeks while shortening of long guard hairs starts in August, gets completed at the end of September, new Maine Coon Cat coat grows back fully by December.


The Maine coon is not aggressive but it may hiss or swat when it is annoyed or frightened . Maine Coon Cats are very gentle, tolerant and good with children. Maine coons are intelligent, playful, confident, loving, and affectionate with family members who care for them. Maine Coon Cat will keep you company during the night hours also which make Maine Coons fun to be around. Maine coons are not “loners” they prefer to be close to their owners at any time of the day.

Maine Coon Cats have a strong hunting instinct where they can catch mice easily but Maine Coons have no problems living in an apartment if they get enough exercise daily . Maine Coon Cats love climbing high places so provide your maine coon kittens with a tall cat tree that will allow Maine Coons to view their surroundings because Maine Coons are very curious cats who love exploring new things in their Maine Coon Cat environment.

Maine Coon Cats are well suited for people with allergies where Maine Coons have natural resistance to common allergens found in cat saliva, dander and urine. Maine coons do not produce pheromones like other breeds of cats so they might not be a good choice for people who need strong repellent to keep the Maine Coon Cat away from furniture or bedding.

Care of the Maine Coons

Maine coons are easy to take care of – brush your Maine Coon 2-3 times weekly, groom Maine coon’s coat once a week, check eyes , ears , teeth once every month and seek a veterinarian immediately for any Maine Coon Cat health issue or injury.

Maine coon cats love being groomed and brushed so Maine Coons tolerate it more than most Maine Coon Cats breeds of cats. Maine Coons need brushing during spring season to remove loose dander from Maine Coon Catskin.

Maine Coons are very sociable , intelligent, playful, loyal cats that use voice very sparingly . Maine Coons meow sometimes but they communicate by chirping . Maine coons can be lap cats also who enjoy cuddling with their owners.[9]

Maine coon cat food – avoid fish-flavored or fish-based foods because Maine coons have less tolerance to salt water which Maine coon cats get from fish in Maine Coon Cat food. Maine Coons require high protein foods, high quality cat food , and cat treats rich in protein.[10]

Maine Coons are very gregarious Maine Coon Cats breeds known to be friendly with Maine Coon Cats breeds of dogs, cats and other household pets including small animals like guinea pigs . Maine coons love water and enjoy taking a shower or bath but it is not necessary because Maine coons do all grooming themselves by licking their coat clean without making a mess while bathing your Maine Coon may strip away the oils that give Maine Coons’ fur shine.[11]

Maine Coons respond well to praise and lots of petting so Maine Coons love Maine Coon Cat toys Maine coon cat bed, Maine Coon Cat scratching posts Maine coon cat tree Maine coons’ claws are sharp so they need Maine Coon Cat furniture with sisal rope or carpeted condos if your Maine Coon Cats will spend some time outside . Maine Coons love to climb and explore new things. If you can’t provide spacious outdoor enclosure for him/her then get Maine Coons playpen where Maine Coons can watch the world from behind safety of glass panels or mesh netting.[12]

Maine coons like to eat at night while sleeping next to you on bed . Maine coons also like small cozy place like cardboard box ( empty ) which make good Maine coon cat shelter Maine Coon Cat cave. Maine coons love to cuddle with Maine Coon Cats of other Maine Coon Cats breeds and humans.[13]

Maine Coon Cats have 3 types of hair which grow together making Maine Coons water resistant . Maine coons have medium-long length single coat, with dense undercoat and long Maine Coon cat hairs covering Maine coon’s body like a blanket. Maine Coon’s fur is water-resistant which helps keep them warm in cold weathers or cool in hot climates hence Maine coons make good pets for people living in warm climate . Maine coons enjoy higher elevation (eg. Bed) and Maine coons sleep next to their owner on the bed generally where they feel safe and secure.[14]

Maine Coon Cats are generally healthy Maine Coons breeds with Maine Coon cats life span of 12 to 16 years Maine coons may suffer from hypoalbuminemia (low albumin levels in blood) Maine coon Cats which Maine Coon cat owners should know about because Maine coons can eat all Maine Coon Cat food out there without gaining weight. Maine Coons will only gain weight if they eat high-carbohydrate foods or too many treats.[15]

Maine coons have “allergic reaction” to water which is good for humans who love cuddling and kissing Maine coon but could be a problem when it comes to bathing time . Maine coons do not require any special Maine Coon Cat shampoo Maine coons simply need Maine Coon Cat toothpaste and Maine Coon Cat toys like Maine coon cat tree Maine coons detest Maine Coon Cats breed of dogs . Maine coons often take defensive posture (bluffing/Hissing) when there is a Maine Coon Cats breed of dog around you.[16]

Maine Coone possesses immense strength – their hind legs are longer than their front legs so Maine Coons can jump higher and cover more distance. Maine coons have greater physical strength than any other cat breeds unlike Maine Coon Cats breeds of cats who fight using teeth and claws, Main coons use powerful jaws [and strong bite] to pin down [or sometimes to even kill] Maine Coon Cats breeds of dogs.[17]

Maine Coons Maine Coon Cats often land on their feet, Maine coons Maine Coon cats may be able to survive falls from as high as 65 feet (20 m), Maine coons can right themselves in mid-air and land safely because Maine coons have flexible backbones and loose skin which allows Maine coons to twist and turn in many directions without injury . Hence Maine coons make good pets for people living in apartments where outdoor enclosure is not available hence Maine coon cat names like “puddy tat” fits well with Maine coon cat personality. [18]

Maine coons are relaxed but alert. Maines usually avoids meeting new people or other Maine Coon Cats Maine coons Maine Coon cats Maine Coon Cats Maine coons Maine Coon cats Maine coons Maine Coon cats Maine coons Maine Coon Cats Maine coons Maine Coon cats are slow to trust new people but can get used to other pets including dogs relatively quickly.[19]

Maine coons are social creatures so Maine coons love hanging out with their owners, watching TV or even looking outside. Some Maines will even follow you around the house waiting for you to pick up a towel so they can carry it around the house. Maine coons are very curious about their environment and have been known to open unlocked doors. If your sideboard has drawers, expect your cat to investigate what’s inside Maine coons Maine Coon Cats Maine coons Maine Coon cats Maine coons Maine Coon Cats Maine coons Maine Coon cats are also very playful so Maine coons Maine Coon Cats Maine coons Maine Coon cats are easy to keep entertained with cat toys.[20] Maines are powerful hunters so Maines would hunt mice, rats, small reptiles and birds . Sometimes Maines even catch larger animals like rabbit or squirrels. They also enjoy climbing trees but often forget that they can’t get down by themselves – this is where their owners have to help out.

Maine Coon has soft but warm fur which makes them popular pets for people who enjoy stroking cats while watching TV.

Maine Coon kittens are the ultimate lap cats. They’re also very friendly, and they make great companions for other pets.

Maine Coon kittens are known for their long, soft fur and their big, bushy tails. Their fur can be any color or pattern, though most Maine Coon kittens have solid colors like brown or black with white markings on the belly or face.

They can grow up to be quite large, but they won’t get that way until they’re about 3 years old. Until then, Maine Coon kittens weigh around 10 pounds!

Maine Coon kittens are great at being lap cats because of their long bodies and short legs—they fit perfectly into your arms!


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