Budgie – budgerigar food (2kg)


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A Brief About Budgerigars

Budgerigars are popular pet birds and have been kept as pets for over 100 years. These little birds come in a variety of colours including blue, yellow, green and white. They are also called parakeets or budgies. The name comes from their call which sounds like “budgerigar”.

Budgerigars are native to Australia and New Zealand but they can be found throughout the world as pets. If you are thinking about getting a budgerigar there are some things to consider before buying one. The first thing is that budgerigars need to be kept in pairs or groups of three or more because they are social animals who enjoy being together with other birds.

Budgerigars do not like being alone and they need companionship to keep them happy and healthy. If you do not plan on keeping more than one budgerigar then it is best not to get more than one at a time so that they can bond with each other instead of being lonely all by themselves!

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