How To Teach A Cockatiel To Talk

Did you get a Cockatiel parrot and looking for training tips and tricks? In this article, we will be sharing several quick tips on how to teach your cockatiel to talk.

Cockatiel parrots in Nigeria
Although the cockatiel may imitate sounds on their own, you should create time to teach them

Teaching a cockatiel to talk

One of the main reasons you want to get a cockatiel, among other qualities that they have, is their ability to imitate sounds. Although the cockatiel may imitate sounds on their own, you should create time to teach them. Find below 5 tips on how to teach a cockatiel to talk:

  1. It would be best if you made your cockatiel get familiar with you. The more they are comfortable around you, the more likely they will be willing to learn from you. 
  2. Create a learning environment that is free from distractions and noise. 
  3. Start by teaching your bird simple words such as “Hello”, “bye”, “good morning” before you switch to longer words and phrases like “I am a good bird.” 
  4. Repeat the word until they can repeat it after you. It becomes easier for them to remember a word when you make particular actions each time you say the word. For example, you can tell them, “do you want a treat” each time you want to give them a treat. 
  5. Finally, you will notice that your bird likes some particular words better. Focus on these words until they master them before switching to another one. Create a reward system when your cockatiel gets a word right but don’t scold them as it will make them timid and shy.

Where to buy a cockatiel parrot in Nigeria

Once you are ready to bring your feathered friend home, the next question is to buy them. You can easily get one from a local pet store, but the disadvantage is that many of them have unknown history and are difficult to train. You can also look for a small breeder where you can get more details about the bird. However, to save you from this stress and the risk of buying a bird that you would regret, you can trust a reliable source like us at PetLovers to help you get the right bird for your home.

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