Why You Should Own A Pet in Nigeria

Keeping pets around the house is a great idea in Nigeria, and it has many personal benefits.

Pets are great exercise partners and companions, and they have the capacity to put you in a good mood when you start your day. Taking care of a pet also improves your confidence. Pets like dogs protect you, while other pets like parrots can remind you where you put your keys if you are careful to teach them the little tricks. Now, let’s look at some of the personal benefits of owning a pet in Nigeria, one after the other:

There are several personal benefits of owning a pet in Nigeria
There are several personal benefits of owning a pet in Nigeria

Improve Confidence

People basically love taking care of others and creating close bonds with them. Taking care of a pet gives you the same feeling and help you feel good about yourself. Each time they snuggle next to you, you get that warm cosy feeling. There is a lot of satisfaction that comes with looking after a pet. Pets can even teach you how to love. You will learn a lot about yourself from your pets, and it will, therefore, boost your self-confidence. A great example of such a pet is the Yorkshire terrier.

Great Playmates

Playing with your pet can be a lot of fun. Playing fetch with your dog is a great game that helps pass the time and release stress. Cats love to play with feathers and strings. Just watching your cat jump, run, twist and turn, to catch that feather and string will definitely put a smile on your face. Pugs are one fantastic example of pets that can unconditionally serve you as a playmate. You can read more about pugs by clicking here or buy a pedigree pug in Nigeria.

Pets are great playmates
Pets are great playmates

Protection and Safety

Keeping a dog in a Nigerian home is quite important, considering the high crime rate these days. Generally, dogs make you feel safer and their barking at night warns you of intruders. It is normal to feel at ease when you have a dog sleeping outside and watching over your belongings.  Boerboels and Rottweilers are considered very territorial and mean-looking enough to send an intruder running. You can find locally bred protection dogs in Nigeria on Buy Pets Nigeria website.


Pets are definitely great companions. Having a pet around helps with loneliness. These creatures have a way of communicating and relating with us. They make us feel loved, accepted and wanted. That unconditional love is always welcome. Pets also have a way of helping you cope with stress or depression. Parlour dogs are great examples of companion dogs. You can choose to buy one from here.

Exercise Buddies 

If you are looking for an exercise buddy, pets are your best bet. Dogs are perfect for taking quiet walks within the streets of Lagos or a run at the beach. You can get some pretty awesome abs by working out with your cat, as long as he or she is a very calm cat. Check our store for a list of dogs and cats to choose from. 

Having a pet around helps with loneliness. They make us feel loved, accepted and wanted
Having a pet around helps with loneliness. They make us feel loved, accepted and wanted

Keep Rats Away and Improve your Mood

Cats and rats have been known enemies for decades. Keeping a cat around will definitely keep the rats away from your home. Cats also help to improve your mood by cuddling, playing and hanging out with you. Cats are naturally clean and calm animals. They have a calming effect that helps you deal with trauma of any kind. To buy a cat in Nigeria, browse through Buy Pets Nigeria cat store for a variety of kittens that are available for sale in Nigeria.

Help with Memory Loss

People experiencing memory loss caused by sickness or old age can really benefit from birds like Parrots. The parrot’s ability to repeat words and phrases can help you remember where you put your keys on a bad day. Having a parrot around is great for conversations and a good laugh. The blue and gold macaws are reputed for their high level of intelligence. You can read more about macaws or order one from here.

In summary, pets are wonderful creatures that make our lives easier. They are companions, protectors and helpers. They are always kind and caring. Having a pet in Nigeria would be great in every way. If you would want us to get you a pet that is readily available in Nigeria, please feel free to browse through the range of pets from the classified page pet store. You can also send us a personalised request for either South African imported pets or locally bred quality puppies in Nigeria, through our contact page.

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